How blogs can be used for earning money online

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How can I get an approved AdSense account in Pakistan?

What is a blog?

Blog in simple language can be called a website with certain restricted access. Primarily the main feature of blogs is that they are hosted by the Blog providing companies and thus their URL includes a customized name of the respective blogging company. For example, you might have come across certain websites with addresses like; these are not websites but blogs hosted by Blogger (with customized URL including the word "blogspot"). Blogs can be created through various blogging services, the most eminent of which are Blogger and WordPress. A major advantage of creating blogs is that they can be created completely free of cost and they look just like other websites. Moreover, blogs are used by individuals as well as organizations these days to share their stuff, ideas and innovations online. And the most important part (with which we are concerned in this article) is that blogs can be used to earn money online.

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The true secret of making money online

First of all, I would like to make it clear that a blogger can only make money online when his real objective is not to make money online, rather it is one of the objectives of blogging online. I would like to clarify my argument in the lines ahead. When a bloggers' real objective is something other than making money online, he would be having a good reason of having a high value blog that would be interesting to read and thus liked by its visitors. He would have a lot of content, ideas and much more of his own to share on his blog with the virtual world all around him. Thus he would be concentrating more on developing the blog instead of always stammering his head over the thought that when would he be receiving his first payment's check. Therefore, if you want to earn money from your blog; your first lesson is to concentrate 99% on developing the content and quality of your blog and devote only 1% of your attention to researching the different ways of earning money from it. This logic is more applicable to bloggers of China, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh etc, where there is a minimum age of the blog / website to be eligible to signup for Google AdSense; because people in these countries are more economically backward than the people in the western world and hence they tend to focus on just earning money and do not lay great attention to enhancing the quality of information on their blogs / websites.

How you earn online with your blog?

To earn online from blogging, there are different ways. You could signup with PPC advertising sponsors (such as Google AdSense, Infolinks, Clicksor, Advert, Adbrite and Chitika etc.) or affiliate marketing (such as Amazon, Ebay). You have to signup with these companies and place ads on your blog through the code provided to you by these companies. When ads are visible on your blog, PPC Advertising companies would pay you when visitors of your blog click their sponsored ads (placed on your blog) and affiliate marketing companies would pay you when visitors (of your blog) after clicking their ad on your blog or website also step ahead to buy the product or service (advertised via that ad).

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Tips for making real income online

Out of the PPC advertising sponsors, Google AdSense is the best paying out program. But it is very difficult to get approval from Google AdSense these days, specially restrictions on people of certain countries as already stated above are in place by Google. But here are some tips to get approval of Google AdSense for people from all around the world;
  1. Focus on creating a blog that provides value and something new to the visitors, and not just a reproduced stuff that is already known to them.

  2. Be innovative in the course of your writing, use discourse, logic and proper argumentation in every type of blog (post) you write, that is to say your content should not be shivering away from the reality; stick to the content which people would find and believe as true. Use jump break, pictures, videos, heading, bold and anchor tags where necessary. This makes your blog (post) interesting and valuable.

  3. Do not copy content from anywhere, rather try to be a writer yourself.

  4. Signup for Webmaster tools and optimize your blog for search engines and follow techniques in Google Search Engine Optimization starter guide.

  5. Promote your blog on Social sharing websites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon and get quality backlinks from high PR sites.

  6. After all when you have met all the eligibility requirements and also have a good quality traffic, than be confident and apply for Google AdSense. Success will be yours and you will be surely making handsome money online.
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